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4th May 2012

These rules are placed in the navigation bar but just in case they were missed here are the UGI Clan rules.

1. No drama within UGI.

2. No disrespect to any gamer in or out of the clan unless provoked repeatedly by other gamers.

3. No blasting music threw your mic without everyone in the lobby’s permission.

4. All members must keep there religious and sexual belief’s to them selves within the clan.

5. All members must remain in uniform at all times.

6. All members must respect everyone in UGI no matter what. but keep in mind you still have to listen to the higher ranking officers within UGI.

7. No promotion of drugs or alcohol.

8. We have an age limit here in UGI all members must be thirteen years of age or older.

9. There will be no tolerance of any type of sexual harassment or anything of the sort here in UGI.

10. There’s no approaching of recruits from any other gaming community’s or clans within UGI

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Forum » Information » Rules
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